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    I have a lot to share what all crush fetish do we have in this site

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crushdaddy View Post
    I have a lot to share what all crush fetish do we have in this site
    Welcome to OCMB. I’m glad you decided to join in with our thousands of members.

    Please understand that your privileges are partially based on the quality and quantity of your posts. Until you reach 20 quality posts you are highly restricted in activity. It’s initially like looking through a keyhole. Once you have 20 posts, the door will open.

    New members, please know for the protection and function of this site, we maintain a zero tolerance policy against piracy.

    Any trading or solicitation for trading of professionally produced products is forbidden.
    Violations will be addressed immediately by administration.

    The above of course does not apply to those amateurs that freely create and distribute material. After all, we are here to enjoy our common interests.

    Please peruse the rules that may be found here:

    Once again, I want to welcome you aboard, and if you have any questions, a moderator will be glad to address your concerns.

    It appears you haven't responded to the registration email as yet.....Check your junk/spam folder. If you can't locate it come back here and let us know.

    Thanks Crushdaddy
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