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    Quote Originally Posted by lonestar25 View Post
    She is not bad. Not bad at all. I would have to agree with you. Mature women are quite becoming. I wouldn't trade them.
    I also agree. Nothing is sexyer than a mature woman.

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    Anyone who hasn't checked out this woman should do so. She really flaunts her sexiness while crushing. She doesn't just go through the motions of stepping on her victims, she bends, twists and curves her body all over so you really appreciate her femininity.

    Her verbals are right up there with the best too.

    I have to ask, is there any chance of seeing her up against a tilapia?

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    Thank you everyone. She shocked me at not only how well she was able to move in those platforms, but how flexible she was. She's phenomenal without a doubt, I love how she uses her entire body. Filming just closeups of her, you wouldn't get to see how her hips/legs move and the smile on her face. She crushed worms for the first time earlier in the week, and she was shocked at how slimy they were. It was funny to see her reaction, being it was her first time stepping on them. I don't think she would do anything bigger than crabs, we've tried getting them several times but they've been sold out.



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