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    Young Girls Crush - Teresa Roaches 3

    Sorry for my absence from the forum which is due to reasons that I don't want to go into detail about!

    Let me celebrate my return with a review of a very interesting clip, that you might have overlooked.

    Teresa roaches 3 features lovely blonde Russian girl Teresa in a pair of black Nike 'Revolution 3' sneakers and a new victim for her - winged roaches. Personally I think they are really big and scary looking, so I am not surprised that also Teresa had more than a little respect. Taking the first one out of its plastic cup prison takes all her braveness but Mr. Roach soon gets to feel the young girl's sneaker sole. You can tell that Teresa hates her victim as she pulverizes it passionately with a couple of vicious stomps and twists.

    Also the second roach scares the beautiful executioner a lot and upsets her when he tries to escape in a wild dash, but the cruel girl kicks him back and slams her foot down on him when he lands on his back. Taking his life seemed to give Teresa more confidence as she then resists her fear and pulls victim no. 3 out of the cup using two fingers. Then she starts kicking it around a bit before squeezing an egg sack out of the insect, which does not die in the process but holds on to Teresa's shoe to her surprise and shock. She screams out "He's alive!" in Russian and kicks him off in panic. The roach lands on its back and gets trampled to death violently by the enraged crusher who then follows up by turning the egg sack to paste, commenting on it something that I could not understand with my puny russian skills.

    While Teresa still seems scared she is getting more and more in control through the clip until she handles the roaches like a pro and enjoys playing with them before grinding them out in a variety of ways. At some point she starts collecting the egg sacks carefully on the side for a mass-baby murder at the end. What I like especially about this clip is that Teresa is very natural. The amount of victims is big - I think it must be 14 or 15 altogether and I love the sneakers! Most of the crushing is done with the ball of the foot, the last roach gets smashed under Teresa's heel.

    Final verdict: 8/10 - the screaming at the start of the clip takes away some of the joy of watching it, but that is really just the beginning which you can easily skip. It would be a 9/10 with a translation which is an integral part of many YGC clips. I do understand of course that a clip with a lot of talking (and this is 15 minutes monster clip) is a lot of work, but some segments would really benefit from knowing what is being said, even though I can probably guess some of it.

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